BABE ALERT.... a confession edition

Sometimes...just sometimes I am transported back to a time when Dylan Mckay covered my walls, when Johnny Depp and Stephen Dorff demanded every lunchtime conversation.
I am of course talking about the Hollywood Crush of a teenage girl.
It was a purer time, when you thought the only men that would line up to seduce your future would be the men you went to watch in films and taped on tv...as you age the dream slightly dies, replaced with reality...which is lovely, just not as compromising, adoring, obsessed, perfect, talented, romantic and or dreamy. So..
You go on, you live your life, you party, you laugh and dance and mind your buisness... then.... BOOM!!,...
RYAN GOSLING and JAMES FRANCO , all of a sudden that teenage girl crush is rampant...spreading.. and ready for revenge.
You cant eat, you cant sleep, youre wearing your pajamas to the office, and youve lined your rental property with Teen Vogue fucking posters..Youre on the brink of losing that promotion and the love of your real-life who happens to be your live-in boyfriend.

It all sounds a tad dramatic yes. but come on...these two could just be the one for you.
Now who feels like a sandwich?